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Moody Goat's Adventure Set - 19Pc Backyard And Insect Bug Exploration


19 piece backyard exploration and bug adventure set.

  • DISCOVER THE WORLD AROUND YOU – STARTING TODAY! Get your new backpack ready and prepare for a new adventure –whether in your backyard or in a brand new family trip, there’s always so much that you can discover! Use your binoculars to track beautiful birds, your compass to find North or your butterfly net to catch a flying beauty!
  • AN ADVENTURERS’ KIT THAT HAS IT ALL! Including 19 separate accessories and gadgets, this outdoor playset has anything a young wanderer may need; a pair of binoculars, a bug catcher, three bug containers, a compass,a whistle, two different-sized magnifying glasses, a butterfly net, a clipboard, a pencil, a pair of tweezers, six pretend play bugs, AND handy, practical backpack to store them all!
  • EDUCATIONAL, FUN & THOUGHTFUL PRESENT! Spoil your child, grandchild, nephew, niece, or godson with this fantastic gift that will pique their curiosity and boost their confidence, as they explore the magical world that surrounds them. An excellent present for birthdays, name days, holidays, Christmas, or any other occasion!
  • MADE OF THE BEST QUALITY MATERIALS! Our outdoor exploring kit features several items and accessories. They are made of the best quality materials and are absolutely safe for your children. What’s more,they are specially designed to be able to withstand the daily wears and tears, so that your kids can enjoy them for a long, long time!
  • YOUR LITTLE EXPLORER WILL LOVE IT – OR YOU’LL GET YOUR MONEY BACK! When it comes to children being happy while also learning new things, there’s no such thing as compromise. Which is why our premium exploring set comes with a full money-back guarantee;although it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have to use it!

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